We need YOU! The dogs need YOU

Holly'z Hope challenges everyone reading this to volunteer!  

If its with Holly'z Hope or another charitable organization just DO IT!  

​Holly'z Hope Volunteers are dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership and reducing overpopulation and inhumane treatment. Volunteers experience the pure joy of being the voice for dogs in need. TO watch a dug run free in its very own fence or snuggle up in a warm doghouse for the first tie is a very rewarding experience. 

​Building fences - of course, but it doesn't stop there! We rely on volunteers for building doghouses, community outreach, fundraising, events, newsletters, etc. Let us know how you want to get involved!

​​Holly'z Hope is a non-profit organization that relies 100% on volunteers like you!

  What do our volunteers do?

  Why do our volunteers do what they do?


​Holly'z Hope Volunteers are advocates for those without a voice. They work in a variety of positions. Assignments vary, however, nearly all Volunteers work side by side with the owners and other volunteers providing shelter, fences and education.  Holly'z Hope Volunteers change the lives of the dogs as well as the dog owners. 

  What are some different volunteer opportunities?

"Changing the World One Dog at a Time"