For Details and to participate in a Fence Builds please sign up to be a Volunteer or Junior Volunteer.  You will receive a letter via email with all the required information. We do not publish dog owners addresses on our public website or Facebook page.  Dog owners addresses (fence Build location) are published on our Holly'z Hope Volunteer page and via email.  Please make sure your email is updated in our system so you receive regular updates. We look forward to building with you.

We highly recommend bringing work gloves. Wear clothes you do not mind getting a little dirty or a lot dirty. We recommend wearing long pants, closed toe shoes, a hat and sunscreen.


No experience is needed to build fences with Holly'z Hope.  The fences are simple and straightforward.  There is no heavy lifting. 


  What to expect:

Fence builds are fun, energetic events that conclude with the dog owner introducing the dog to his new fenced yard, which we call a "Freedom Run".  That moment will stay with you forever.  Typically fence builds take approximately 2 - 3 hours on a Saturday or Sunday.  Each volunteer will have an opportunity to work on different aspects of the fence. You will meet people that have the same goal in mind, to free dogs from a life on the end of a chain.

The summer months are hot and the winter months are cold. Be prepared for the weather. We provide water at each build.

  Experience needed:

This is Ron Vanderbilt. He was a Huntersville resident and a very active animal advocate in our community. He passed away recently and his family sponsored the fence for Tiger February 26 in his name. 

  What to bring and wear:

"Changing the World One Dog at a Time"