Join us in raising funds and raising awareness at Pure Barrein Lake Norman for the month of August.

PawBrokers and LuLaRoe party August 25, 2016 at Galway Hooker in Cornelius, NC.

Free Flash at the fence build August 27, 2016.


Holly'z Hope is a 100% Volunteer Organization. There are many opportunities to make a difference.  To volunteer click here, complete the form and look for a detailed email to arrive in your mail box within the week. 


​​​Holly'z Hope is a non-profit, volunteer organization that relies 100% on donations.  Our purpose is to support the dogs and dog owners in our community. Our primary goal is to promote responsible pet ownership in an effort to reduce overpopulation and inhumane treatment. We offer a long term solution to tethering  or chaining dogs by providing fences at no cost to the dog owner. We also offer dog houses, spay and neutering and basic dog supplies to include dog food, straw, bedding and dog toys.

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​​Holly'z Hope relies 100% on Donations.  


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Sweet Fire Farm has created UNCHAINED for Holly'z Hope from recycling and repurposing items that may have otherwise been discarded or thrown away. 

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Want to unchain a dog. Click here to complete our form to become a corporate sponsor.

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For the amazingly delicious Dog Biscuit Recipe used for the Baking Biscuits for the Babies event and more pictures Click Here.

Changing the World One Dog at a Time

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Biscuits for Babies event was a huge success.  The junior volunteers made hundreds of biscuits out of all organic, delicious ingredients.  The biscuits will be given to the pups we support and used to raise money and awareness at community events.  A BIG thank you to our junior volunteers and their parents for spending a Saturday morning with Holly'z Hope!

A Big Thank you to Jeff, owner of Chameleon Screen Printing, Cornelius Nc for donation work aprons to Holly's Hope.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated!