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to promote responsible pet ownership.

"Changing the World One Dog at a Time"


to support the dogs and dog owners in our community.

Complete the Volunteer or Junior Volunteer form  or text UNCHAIN to 22828 

to have access to more details and get updates!

to free dogs from life on a chain by providing fences.

Freedom runs are why we do this - to see those dogs set free off of lives on chains!

Check out some more of our videos and freedom runs here!

Ian and Nicholas from LKN Charter raised $400, bought and built these awesome doghouses for Holly'z Hope!


Click here to read more about their project!

The Zimmerman Family Wellness has a a Give/Get program. They chose 3 charities to support, one of which is Holly'z Hope. For every donation of $25 or more you will get a Yeti like large mug. Dr. Z and his team remind us of how fortunate we are to live and volunteer in such an amazing city. Thank you for the support Dr. Z and we look forward to meeting you and your team at a build.